Escapes Vol 2 Ableton

Escapes Vol.2 Uplifting Trance Ableton Template


Ableton Template
Escapes Vol.2 Uplifting Trance Ableton Template
Ableton Template Escapes Vol.2 Uplifting Trance Ableton Template


Ableton Template INCLUDES:

  • Ableton project file (v9.75 or higher)
  • 15 MIDI, 16 Audio and 5 group channels
  • FX settings and mixing in place
  • All Synth presets and automation in place
  • Download Size: 25 MB

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Escapes Vol.1
Escapes Vol.1


Escapes Vol.2 Vocal Trance Ableton Template

Emotional, Piano driven female vocal trance track.


  • Ableton template includes all midi, audio, automation, plugin/synth presets and mixing premade as heard in the audio demo.
  • Use parts,elements and presets of this template in your own original EDM tunes.

Template includes:

  • 16 Audio tracks with samples in place, 15 Midi Instrument tracks with midi, synth settings  and automation in place. 5 Group channels.
  • Ableton project file
  • All Audio and midi

This Ableton template uses Following VST plugins/Synths:

  • Ableton 9.75 or higher
  • Sylenth1
  • Nexus 2
  • ANA 1.5
  • True pianos
  • Arts acoustic reverb
  • LFO TOOL (sidechains)
  • Fabfilter Pro L (can be replaced with any  maximizer plugin to the master channel)

Template production:

  • Examine bassline track layers, EQ, dynamics and mixing used to create this trance tune.
  • Explore how synth tracks are layered to create the feel and sound of this song.
  • Learn from bass/synth midi patterns used in this Ableton template or use them as inspiration.
  • Dig into the presets used in this project, tweek them and use variations in your own projects.
  • Learn how vocals are placed to get overall emotional effect of this track.
  • Studying a template is the easiest way to learn producing uplifting trance track.

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